Filecoin L2 blockchain New track, rocket engine

Filenova is an EVM compatible L2 network based on Filecoin,Releases Filecoin’s powerful storage ability

Construction for web3

Use Filecoin’s powerful storage capacity, storage project code, NFT, and pictures, and build a powerful decentralized application

Compatible EVM

Fast speed, lower cost, compatible EVM,You can quickly migrate your contract to Filenova

$FIL as the Gas Token

Building Filecoin’s ecology, empowering $ FIL, $ FIL is a storage Gas, and it is also a trading Gas

Fast, stable, scalable Filecoin

Explore the ecosystem

Why Community Governance ?

Highly recommended!

I believe that a community-owned and community-driven approach can be very powerful and lead to more sustainable and inclusive solutions.the experimentation aspect of your vision is crucial for exploring new ways of operating a people-driven Filenova Layer 2 network.

Endless customization

To address the current issues with Filecoin, By prioritizing collective wisdom and creativity, the community can come together to develop innovative solutions that are more aligned with the needs and interests of the general public.

Great on any EVM project

When it comes to making Filenova technology more user-friendly and equitable, community-driven experimentation can be a powerful tool. By leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the community, it’s possible to identify and address the barriers that prevent widespread adoption of Filenova technology.

Easy to use

By testing different models and approaches, the community can learn from its successes and failures, iterate, and ultimately find a model that works best for its members. This iterative process is essential for building a sustainable and inclusive Filenova Layer2 network that can truly serve the needs of the general public.

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Filenova’s innovations

100% $NOVA tokens Fair distribution,No Reserve

DAO Management: Voting to decide the future of Filenova

Gas Fee Fair allocation: All users can stake $NOVA to get the Filenova GAS Fee

Node public auction: The Filenova will have 24 physical nodes, which are released in a public auction

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get $NOVA tokens?

Filenova NFT Mining and Airdrops are two ways to obtain $Nova, 50% of the Mint income of NFT will be destroyed at the open market for $NOVA,Learn mining

How do I use Filenova?

Filenova USDC adopts rules that meet the Bridged USDC Standard, which can be upgraded to native USDC in the future

Put $FIL From Filecoin cross -chain to Filenova, began to enjoy your beautiful journey,Learn Bridge

How do I get Filenova’s GAS Fee?

Package $NOVA can get the Gasfee of Filenova, a relatively stable income, please be happy for you,Learn GasPool

What is Filenova’s Metaverse Fund?

Metaverse Fund uses 50 million $Nova to fund developers to develop Metaverse and Gamefi. Filenova will provide developers with 25T FileCoin free permanent storage, storage pictures, NFT, Text, Video, Code

Built for the public good

Filenova is more than just a blockchain. It’s an experiment in sustainable ecosystem funding fueled by protocol revenue. Retroactive Public Goods Funding is simple: you build for the public good, you’re eligible to receive a grant.